Ok, so after my 6th cold calling from people I have never connected with asking if I would be interested in joining their business or buying their products, decided to do a blog on the dos and donts….

Guys spamming peoples inboxes will only get you blocked.

So lets learn a few tips together..


  • Responding to comments/messages with verbal/tex diarrhoea When people comment on your posts, don’t reply with hundreds of words of information or links to websites, videos, or documents. If they are showing signs of interest, gently find out if they up to speaking with you then speak to them through messenger/phone. Whatever way they are most comfortable to speak with you . Remember let them speak and you listen..


  • Including a call to action.  Absolutely don’t have a call to action in your posts.  Instead, let those people who are curious about what you are doing make the first move to ask you about it. If they are interested believe me they will contact you .


  • Mentioning your company’s name.  Keep the name of your company a secret at first; it will raise curiosity. Then, when your readers ask for more information, you can private message those who ask.  It is fun to start a conversation and see the interest build. You have already lost half your audience when they know the company you are with so dont post it on social media platforms.


  • Sending  links or messages to friends.  Don’t cold call people, they will ask if interested. Nothing worse than people on your inbox, not even a hello just a link.


  • Recruiting the friends of others.  Don’t try to recruit by sending messages to people you don’t know, either.  They will consider you to be spam.  You don’t want to be a spammy dick.


  • Writing posts that are very long with a link to watch a video at the end .  No one reads long post, well mostly no one. People skim a long post so they only actually read about a quarter of the post.  Keep posts short.  Upload a video to Facebook directly, not through a link in a post (as Facebook shows posts with links to videos outside Facebook less frequently than videos that are uploaded to Facebook).  Keep your video short as well.  And dont advertise your opportunity through it.


  • Promoting products.  Dont come out with the attitude of buy my shit and have it splashed all over facebook…..boring . Instead think of it as your a solution to peoples problems. What person are you going to help today ? Attitude is everything.



  • Be real.  Make sure that your profile picture, whether on your personal or business page, is a photo of you, not your pets or anything not related to you ie flowers. People want to see what you look like.  Keep your profile photo consistent, changing it perhaps once or twice a year at most. Dont change your profile picture on a weekly basis, people get used to seeing the same picture and that way recognise you.


  • Make A Page For Your Products/Opportunity . This is where you can speak and post , make sure its public ,if people are interested in getting to know you better, the last thing you want is to be a secret agent and them not able to find you.


  • Don’t put your company’s logo in your cover photo.  Instead, put a scenery photo , a nice quote  Don’t make it so easy to know which direct selling company you are with.


  • Include photos and a bio Describe yourself in positive terms, never be negative. Sound happy, excited. Remember you attract what you put out.


  • Be consistent.  Post at least every day and sometimes even two to five times a day.  Be encouraging and upbeat about things you post. Dont overpost , leave a good couple of hours between each post and dont post more than 3/4 times a day. Be exciting, put yourself in someone elses shoes, would you enjoy reading/looking at your facebook? If not then change it.


  • Express emotions.  Post about how things make you feel. Look for other peoples opinions and create interactive topics.


Remember Facebook is a social media platform so learn to be socialable, actually be interested in the person not are they going to buy my shit.

Your facebook and page are your shop windows so take time to make them look good and inviting.

Hope this helps and good luck


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