We often hear this but are unsure what a “growth mindset” actually is.

A “growth mindset” is often described as a new psychology of success.

The growth mindset is YOU believing you are capable of continually developing yourself and your skills . This belief is what can help you reach your full potential .

Think of your mindset as your eyes , the way you view the world around you  and how you place yourself in it.

Why is your mindset so important?

Your mindset affects the way you learn, how you feel about developing your skills, it influences the way you feel and act towards others, it controls how your day goes and how good you feel.

So how can you nurture a growth mindset?

Having a growth mindset is not something only others can have. It’s quite the opposite, there are specific things you can do every day to nurture a growth mindset.

Learn something new every day

It can be anything, from learning about the history of the world, or how things work, or which foods and activities keep you healthy, or which tips can save you time, or which habits can help you become a better person, or which books you can read that will teach you something valuable. What do you want to improve on ?

Surround yourself with “growth mindset” people

They are the ones with a I can do it or if not I will learn attitude.

Who show positive and encouragement. Who themselves are working hard everyday learning skills, who you have been secretly watching maybe on facebook or another social media platform getting better and better.

Stay away from those who are constantly negative, who are always pointing out what they or others are lacking, and who spend too much time talking about other people but not enough time on themselves.

Change the way you think

Instead of thinking that success is being the best, think of success as doing your best, and always focus on improving the way you do your work and manage your personal development. Get a head start , set your alarm half an hour earlier.

When you’re working, remove all  distractions so you can focus on what’s in front of you.

Think of what your doing  and why you’re doing it, so that you always keep your goals top of your mind.

 Change the way you think of failure, Instead of seeing it as a failure to do something, see a failure as a setback: it can be motivating, informative, even a wake-up call.  It isn’t an excuse to give up entirely on something completely, go have a cupa and try again or go to you tube and listen to some mindset, Les Brown is one of my favourites.

There are many people believe that the power of their brains along with the talent they possess is limited and there is nothing much they can do in order to enhance them further.This is far from the truth. This is a negative assumption that only harms their career and lead to them feeling down and not good enough in their lives.  The amount of success you gain in your life is purely to the amount of belief you have in your abilities. Your mind will achieve only what you will instruct it to accomplish.

It is with a growth mindset and desire for more, you start putting in more efforts and hard work and start believing in never giving up in life at least without a good fight.

A growth mindset with a commitment to lifelong learning is arguably the most powerful factor determining the career growth of an individual. This mindset is important to be possessed by individuals at all the stages of their careers, most importantly as early as possible in their lives to be able to stretch themselves and achieve maximum growth.

Remember, a growth mindset requires a lot of practice, determination and humility. While awareness is the first step, attitude and action play an equally important role.

So, what are you waiting for ?  Only person stopping you is YOU!!!!!


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