Not yet it aint !!!!

Okay, so average Facebook reach in 2018 was pretty low—and it’s not looking any different in 2019.


What’s the solution if you still need to get your posts seen?


Whats the FREE solution ?  that sounds better, doesnt it .


By following these 8 essential tips you will definetly make yourself more visual .


1.  Find your best time to post , When you post content to

Facebook, time matters almost as much as the content itself. By posting when your followers are most likely to be browsing Facebook, you increase the chances that your content shows up first in their Feed—and that means more organic reach. Most of the latest research suggests that if you want eyeballs, likes and comments on your content, you’ll want to post to Facebook between high noon and 4 in the afternoon. Then again after 8pm when hopefully most people have got their little ones to bed and can finally relax.


2. Use attractive images and videos  , having clear , non repeating images ( not ones you see all over facebook, canva is great for making your own),  is essential to standing out in people’s increasingly crowded News Feeds. Facebook posts with images get 2.3 times as much engagement as those without images. So thats nothing to knock, right? Plus, posts that get more engagement get elevated in users’ feeds, getting them more reach as well. That’s why visual content is so important to improving the spread of your Facebook posts.


3. Start a contest One of the best ways to get users interested in your content is to start a contest on your Facebook page. You could offer them one of your products free. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? For example, a caption competition where users need to provide a funny subtitle to an image you’ve posted can stimulate tons of responses and rocket your post to the top of the News Feed.Caption this lol


4. Mix up your post formats ,test out a wide variety of different post types. If you mostly post images and your reach has been falling off lately, try creating a few videos and see how they go. And vice versa. Even if you’re getting decent reach by regularly using the same Facebook post types, trying new ones will keep your facebook looking fresh . Plus, you might find there are post formats on Facebook that might even work better for you.


5. Focus on engagement first , Share content that gets peoples strong emotions or opinions. We all love a good debate dont we? Find a topic you think will get peoples attention, debates I find are great at night. Always end your post with a question, people cant help to answer, at end of day people like helping people so let them. Google trending topics  that everyone wants to weigh in on. Never politics tho as you will start a riot haha, try keep it friendly.


6. Get your coworkers engaged, Encourage other people in your company to engage with and share your posts. But, not in a spammy way. Get coworkers to actually think what they going to say. Sometimes you know right away that they work for same company and really its not pretty to see especially when all the comments are noticeably coworkers.  When that happens I know I personally think…ok so why is no one else commenting , whats wrong with the product ? So you got to be clever.


7.Make your audience feel something, You should never beg for reactions from your followers—but you should inspire your followers to react.Positive emotions are more common in posts .

To increase your Facebook reach and engagement, consider creating content with headlines that inspire curiosity and interest. In the content itself, include twists, fascinating facts, and surprises to keep people’s attention.

If you can manage to stimulate those types of emotional reactions, you’ll see your posts get shared more often, start more conversations, and ultimately end up higher in users’ feeds.



8. Ask your followers to turn on notifications, I recommend mentioning this to your followers in the copy of a major piece of content like a hit video or article. Once they’ve already enjoyed your post, they’ll be excited to follow your Page more closely.  On your Facebook Page, there’s a setting your followers can select to make sure they see everything you post. Once your followers  have changed their settings, you’ll have a core group of people who always see your posts and are more likely to engage with them.


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Hope this has helped. Keep trying new tactics, experimenting with your strategy and releasing great content and you’ll see results eventually. So get out there and post, you got this !!!!!!!


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