You know this year has been a bloody tough one.

Dealing with my mum being diagnosed terminal, 8 weeks later her passing.

My friend passing suddenly 2 weeks after my mum.

My leg, having to make a decision to have it amputated or not.

Then having previous people attacking me with their evil false tongues , all because I left their company.

Thats just a few things thats happened this year.

But you know what I will take that as it has made me stronger.

Im stepping out of the shadows, no longer will I take bullshit from anyone, Im not the same person anymore.

What I do will now be for the growth and greatness of my family . Im not interested anymore in who is not happy with me, I know my heart is pure and thats all that matters.

Im back , happy, full of energy and ready to change my families future.

I alllowed others opinions of things to make it my opinion, if that makes any sence to you as sometimes I talk in double dutch lol.

Right here is a bloody strong woman whom im growing to love.

Im running now full force ahead, you can either sit and watch or run with me and find out what Im up to .

Haters!!!!!! your wasting your time with me , you cant intimadate me anymore so run along …

Whos with me and ready to things for yourself for a change and not worry what people say ?




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