Clean eating  is a healthy approach to foods and their preperation.

Not only healthy, clean eating is also one of the to maintain and weight loss.

I have a few tips for you.

shopping list

  • organic fruits
  • farm fresh eggs
  • grass fed animals
  • dried beans and legumes
  • nuts and seeds

healthy fats – avocados, chai seeds, flax seeds, unrefined coconut oil and virgin olive oil.

artificial sweetener – The only safe plant based sweetener is stevia. All the other artificial sweeteners, throw them in the bin. Asparatame and sucralose are 2 examples of artificial sweeteners known to cause massive weight gain, never mind other health problems.

Eat Whole Foods , foods that havent been tampered with in the lab or manufacturing plant. Clean foods are what you would eat straight from the farm.

Avoid Proccessed Foods , you dont have to eliminate all processed foods like whole grain pasta or natural cheeses but if you cant pronounce an ingredient on a label then dont put it in your basket

Eat 5 Or 6 Small Meals A Day , Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. By eating smaller and often you help rev up your metabolism rate and stops you feeling hungry.

Cook Your Own Food, You then know exactly whats in your food. Heres some recipes to get you started


Combine protein with carbs , Always make sure your meal is balanced

  • 1/2 plate size veg
  • 1/4 plate size protein
  • 1/4 plate size carbs

keeping track, Personally I think your better measuring


because your body can retain fluid, womens monthly etc. Measuring gives you accuracy, you can also then see where the weight has came off.


No more mood swings when the scales arent showing what you want them to or worse still making you give up !!

Measure your fitness goal success by how you feel in your clothes and your confidence level and throw those scales in the trash. !!


love Sharon

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