How Do I improve My Life ?


Hey guys you know how many times Iv seen this question ?

What is wrong with your life that you want to improve?





First thing I did to change my life , was to connect with myself and find out what was wrong ..

Write it down ,

 make a list of everything your not happy with, give it a score (1) being it needs sorted now to (5) it needs sorted but not as urgent..

This will give you direction into correcting whats wrong and the feeling you will have as you start working through the list is awesome as you tick each thing done.


Relign With Yourself


Remember Happiness is a choice not a result of something you do.

Of course when you get what you want you feel good, but the truth is that you don’t get what you want until you’re already feeling good.

So often in life, we go against the current, rather than with it.

We waste a lot of time struggling unnecessarily and waiting for the next best thing.

We wait to be financially stable.

We wait for our next vacation.

We wait for someone to notice how great we are. And as we wait, time that we could have spent truly living our life and purpose is lost.

Society teaches us it’s normal to struggle, that life is challenging and to get ahead you have to work hard- often at the expense of others and even yourself.

 Live in the Moment – You were only promised today so why are you worrying about next year ? 

Take Care of Your Body-  Its your only vessel you have , I dont just mean weightloss, I mean , Take time out when you need to, if your body is tired learn to rest.

Practice Gratitude- every single day, think what you are grateful for , what do you have that others dont? running water? safety? . Write down 5 things everyday that you are grateful for.



Visualise your life

When we visualize ourselves actually living the life we want, we activate the same neural networks that would fire if our dreams were our reality.

By visualizing, we prime our brains to act to make our dreams come true.

Some say visualization activates our creative unconscious. Visualization is part of the process of creation.

What we visualize we eventually express through action.

True to the Law of Attraction, the Universe resonates with the positive energy we put out.

It gives back to us that positive energy from others. This is how visualization causes us to attract to us what we want.

What we can conceive and believe, we can achieve. This is why professional athletes use visualization to improve their performance. Similarly, visualizing our dream life improves our performance in making our dream life a reality. Visualization helps us to design our lives with clarity and purpose. Visualization also increases motivation to act to achieve our dreams. It inspires us to put in the necessary effort and initiative to make it happen.

Here are some guides to visualization:

1. Before you start, write down your life meaning and purpose, as well as your key life goals.

Think about what you want more of in your life. Is it money, freedom, love, friends, health, happiness, joy, adventure, losing weight, or inner peace? You must know what you want before you can visualize it to achieve it.

2. After you have written your life meaning and purpose and key life goals, write a description of the circumstances of your life and the qualities of being that you want to realize. Play with them. Modify them until you have a clear, written statement of your total life vision.

3. Now, use your journal to write the story of how your ideal life will come to be. How are you making that ideal a reality? How are you living TODAY to create your ideal life TOMORROW?
a. What are you doing every day?
b. What are your daily rituals and practices?
c. How are you taking care of yourself?
d. What are you doing every day to better yourself and achieve your life vision?
e. How are you improving your relationships?

4. After you have written out the story of your dream life, you might want to create a vision board, with pictures that represent you achieving your dreams. Look at your board daily.

5. To start the visualization practice, get somewhere safe and quiet, without distractions and interruptions.

6. Start by settling yourself and grounding yourself in your body. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your breath. Get still. Center yourself. Let your thinking mind quiet. Visualizations are most effective after meditation or prayer. In visualization, we replace attending to the breath with attending to an inner mental image.

7. Take about 5-10 minutes for this exercise. Close your eyes. Use all your senses to create a whole life vision in your mind. What do you see, hear, taste, smell, feel, and think? Where are you? What are you doing? Play out your day. Who are you with? Visualize your life as a movie of which you are a key actor. This is called having an “embodied image.” Experience everything in as much vivid detail as possible.

8. Visualize your life meaning and purpose. What is it like to be living out that purpose?

9. Visualize yourself realizing your key life goals. Visualize that you already have what you desire. Practice repeatedly over time to make this as real as possible.

10. Actually experience what it feels like right now to be your ideal you living your ideal life. Visualize in the present, not the future. Visualize the results of your efforts. Actually feel the emotions you will experience when you realize your dreams. They may include satisfaction, contentment, love, joy, appreciation, or gratitude. Hold onto these feelings as you go about your day. Remember that what you put out, you get back. That’s how Reality operates. If you want love in your life, for example, be the love you want to attract. Visualize it, and live it throughout the day through your affirmations and intentions.

11. Be true to yourself. Avoid “shoulds.” Visualize being your authentic self living out your gifts based on your temperament. For example, if you are an introvert who likes time alone, don’t force yourself to visualize hopping from one social engagement to another. Visualize the life that will truly fulfill you, not a life you think you should have.

12. Visualize the positive. Visualize what you want, not what you don’t want. See yourself doing positive things rather than not doing negative things. For example, see yourself drinking a healthy beverage rather than not drinking a fizzy juice.

13. Imagine every step of a healthy activity or interaction. This could include eating, working out, talking with others, doing what you love. Visualize as much detail as possible what you are doing from the start of your day to the end.

14. Repeat. Practice. Do this exercise 1-3 times a day, for 5-10 minutes, every day, for the rest of your life. Remember that the brain needs repetition to change.

15. Some people write out 30-40 key life goals they want to accomplish on index cards. Then they visualize completing each one for several seconds each morning and night. This is another way to practice this visualization exercise.

16. Now go out and put your vision into practice.

Translate your vision, affirmations, and intentions into a daily life practice of acting to make your vision a reality.


Your visualization capabilities will improve with practice.

Change does not happen overnight. But change will occur with practice.

You won’t experience the benefits without daily practice.

Change requires repetition.

Practice with patience and persistence.

Give yourself about 90 days to begin to see the results of your practice.


You Got This




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