How do I do prospecting in network marketing?

Network Marketing and MLM Prospecting can be tough.

So lets get a few things clear as I myself used to get all mixed up.

prospect is often confused as a lead. A lead is someone you havent showed your business too as of yet, a prospect is someone who has already seen your business presentation.

That confused the life out of me when I first started.

Social media has become one of the most important sales and marketing tools but only if you use it properly, too many using it to spam the life out of peoples inboxes or posting continuously throughout social media platforms. Did you know your posts arent getting seen ? Posting too many times you are only pushing your previous post to the bottom so in a crazy way you are fighting with yourself to be seen.  Posting 2 to 3 times a day is enough.

People will buy/ join from people they know like and trust

Heard of this before? In my 5 years networking career this is the truest saying of all.

You need to build relationships.

People make purchasing?joiniing decisions from people that they know, like and trust. Relationships solve this.

To be successful as a salesperson, you have to do more than sell. You have to be your clients’ go-to person and support them after you’ve closed the sale. By changing your position from salesperson of products and services to offering a solution to their problems, you can increase your chance of getting feedback from happy customers. Show this feedback  when it comes time for you to introduce yourself to a new prospect. When you become a resource for your clients, before and after the sale, they’ll remember your help and will be willing to help you in return.

So how do I prospect?

Firstly what way are you going to prospect?

Prospecting is when you reach out to someone, online or offline, cold market ( people you dont know) or warm market ( people you have already chatted with, friends, family etc. Remeber when prospecting its you thats starting off the conversation.

No one can tell you what to say and when you copy a coach etc you all start sounding like robots lol. Its easy for me to spot whos reading Big Al when they all start saying…. Im just curious or do you want the good news or bad news first,  My facebook fills up with it. Just be You,  remember how you speak to one prospect you might not be able to with the next one, so how can you follow a script?

On saying that there is a few key notes you can follow….












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