How many times have you tried to lose weight?

Not in the right frame of mind?  Not in the mood?

Without the proper mindset I feel you are really doomed before you begin .

Why are some people successful and others arent? Its all to do with the mindset.

Try these simple steps before you start, they have really helped me, so far I have managed to lose 6 stone.



Think of how life will be… How will you look ? what will you wear ? How much healthier will you be?

Vision yourself, look at how much happier you are.

Try to be as specific and detailed as possible.

Take time throughout your weightloss to envision a better life. Changing habits is hard but so worthwhile.

Envisioning a better life gives you something to look forward to and work towards.



Theres no point in having a vision if you dont believe.

Believe you can make this happen.

You are the only one with the power to do so.

How much do you want this change? Buy yourself an item of clothing and hang it somewhere you see on a daily basis. Unfortunetly not everyone will believe in you and thats ok, that doesnt matter. This is YOUR time to shine, prove them wrong.

Dont become derailed by other people.

When your vision starts to become reality , you will feel happier and much more accomplished in life.

Envisioning a better life will keep you positive – even when things go wrong, dont tuen a bad day into a bad week. Dust it off and pick up where you left off.



You are!!!!!!

You are the only one in control of  YOU. In control of what you put in your mouth and in control of how you are allowing yourself to feel.

Stop blaming others !! ie – hubby had a takeaway at the weekend so I also had to have one….. NO YOU DONT!!!!

Upload MY FITNESS PAL and start tracking yourself, its nice when you start seeing the weight coming down.

When you start seeing the pounds coming off and your clothes getting loose think to yourself ” I DID THIS”, no one else but me…  I can tell you, what a great feeling that is.

Losing weight, how you want to change your life , how you vision yourself is all under YOUR control.



Many of our weightloss issues stem from our emotional responses to stress.

How many times have you binged on food because you have had a bad day ?

Or your too busy ? really?

When you decide to lose weight, life doesnt magically start going your way and stress disappears. Learn new coping strategies. What can you put in place of food on a bad day ? walking? a relaxing bath? meditation? music?. Find something and keep remembering how you are going to look and feel when you get to your target goal.

I truly believe having healthy positive coping skills in place is essential for losing weight.

Life is unpredictable and wont always go as planned.

You can either get better or get bitter, thats your choice.



Put your mindset in check

We use excuses to make us feel better, so we think we are fooling others and ourselfs and almost granting ourselfs permission to do so. ” Im ill “, ” those exercises dont work”, ” this diet doesnt agree with me ” but junk food does?


I think its important to be real instead of trying to trick your brain to think otherwise. Hold yourself accountable for your actions.

If losing weight is important to you then make it a priority, if not then you will make an excuse.

Focus on solutions instead of excuses and life will change in a positive way.



Pick a day when you are going to start and mark it in your calendar ” The Day I Start To Change My Life”.

Prepare the week ahead. What are you going to eat ?  What will you have in the fridge for standby if your hungry ?

This is where alot of people fail as they are ill prepared, they end up hungry, eat the wrong thing then give up.

Dont be that person, you owe yourself better.



I really believe your life will start to change simply by starting to think positive. Its not going to be easy and wont happen overnight but you have to keep chipping away at it . It will be so worth it.

Never compare yourself to anyone elses weight loss. Everyone is different.

Heres a pic of my before and me now. Im not at my goal yet but nearly their and i definetly will make it.


You can do it .


love Sharon

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