Are you grateful for your life or do you winge at everything ?

Gratitude is about appreciating the things you have in life.

Be aware of all the greatness around you. You are alive !!!!!!

Make a list of 5 things you are greatfull for. Think of the little things you normally take for granted, ie – food, health,family  ooooh and chocolate lol.

Then count your blessings for the things you do have that others pray for….




Turn everything negative in your life to a positive , even if its not the way you feel at the moment.

When you see good and positive in your life it gives you feelings of warmth, affection, appreciation, confidence, security and draws positivity towards you.

What you feel on the inside reflects who you are and how you come across on the outside….



Watching destruction in the world over and over again will always make us feel bad. Stay informed but dont continually watch negative hyped media as it will drain you.

Weather reports for example – you get up in the morning, feeling happy, thinking of something nice you are going to do today. You turn on the weather, it says rain.. So suddenly you feel down and decide to stay at home..

GET UP !!!!  GET DRESSED!!!!  AND GET OUT !!!!!!!!



The easiest thing in the world that we can all do. Doesnt matter what language people speak , everyone knows what a smile means.

The more you smile – the more people smile back at you.

When you smile, you are creating a warmth. You will feel happier, other people will feel your happiness and you will be spreading warmth and happiness everywhere.



If your feeling down , theres no better cure than to let it all out. Scream , cry, jump up and down, just let it out.

Look at photos, reflect, do whatever it takes but let your emeotions out. Its no good for you or anyone around you to keep things locked inside you. You will finds whats getting you down the now will make you smile later.

This is a photo of me and my beloved Mum who sadly passed away with cancer in March this year. I couldnt look at this photo without crying, now it makes me smile, knowing how much we loved and adored each other.



Random acts of kindness are magical and helping someone is one of the best highs you will ever get.

You could offer an ear to listen, buy someone a coffee, tip someone in a restuarant, visit an elderly person who doesnt get any visitors ( believe me in care homes this is all too normal ).

This will lift you and the other persons spirits up..




Be aware of the opportunities and possibilities around you everyday to have more fun, fulfilment and meaning in you life.

You can simply choose to see the world as your oyster……

love Sharon

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